Art For Macmillan Cancer Support was founded by Regional Chair of Arts at Macmillan, Anton Dolders (pictured directly below) in 2011 to help provide care for people, families and communities effected by cancer, through a variety of creative means including: provision of art and craft tuition and demonstrations; exhibiting work created mainly by local practitioners and also organizing music, poetry and dance performances.  

Exhibited work includes drawings, paintings, sculpture/3D design, craft and also fashion  in both traditional and contemporary styles, created mainly by North West based artists, sculptors and designers but others from further afield are often included.

Art For Macmillan relies considerably upon the generosity of property, retail and service industry management and owners for their support in providing exhibition space and venues in which to demonstrate creative skills and to teach art and craft as ways of raising funds for our cause.

This website outlines our current and forthcoming art exhibitions and events in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. For further information call 0774 900 6213

Macmillan Chair of Arts: Anton Dolders


Ian Stone and Petrova C. Fairhurst live in Macmillan Popup Gallery: Christmas 2013

Macmillan Art Centre: Christmas 2012

Macmillan Artists at The Atkinson's opening Nov 2013

Drawing and painting workshop in Southport Market Summer 2014

Our Next Big Events 2017:

Exhibitions at Wayfarers Ardcade, Lord St. Southport,


Wayfarers Forecourt: 23rd - 31st Aug

Unit 33 1st - 24th Sept (see Current Exhibitions page and below)

Includes painting demonstrations:

Sat 2nd and Sat16th Sept: watercolour painting by John West

Sun 3rd and Sun 17th Sept perception challenging patterns and landscapes by Daniel Adler

Thurs 7th Sept and Thurs 14th Sept: landscape painting in acrylics by Anton Dolders

Artist: Walter Fairclough at Southport Market 2014 

Poet: Malcolm Rimmer at Macmillan Summer Pop-up Gallery: Oct 2013

young artists at work in Cambridge Walks, Southport 

Exhibition from workshops in Cambridge Walks 

Artist: Daniel Adler in Cambridge Walks Dec 2015


Ceramics Painter: Nancy Marriner and Fabric Painter: Annette Bailey outside The Atkinson Summer 2014

Home Page Gallery for some of Art For Macmillan Cancer Support's current and past activities, artists and supporters: 

 We would like to thank the following businesses and organisations for their support:


Property Agents 



St.Joseph's Hospice

Fringe Writers and Poets,



A special thanks to staff at The Atkinson Art Centre and Library on Lord St. for all their help during the Summer.